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JDRF Launches Artificial Pancreas Initiative
By Conni Bergmann Koury, Editor-in-Chief


Superoxidized Water Improves Wound Care
Outcomes in Diabetic Patients
By Cheryl M. Bongiovanni, PhD


Supervised Exercise Improved Fitness in Diabetic Patients
By Kaberi Dasgupta, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Barriers to Physical Activity: Developing and Validating a New Scale
By Marie-Christine Dubé, MSc


New Guidelines Boast Benefits for Patients Suffering With DPN Pain
By Laura Suarez, Managing Editor

Diabetic Neuropathies: New Treatment Modalities
By Aaron I. Vinik, MD, PhD

Prevention of Lower-Extremity Amputation in Diabetic Patients
By Robert G. Frykberg, DPM, MPH

Cutaneous Pinprick Sensibility as a Screening Device
By Barry L. Jacobs, DO


Ruboxistaurin: Useful in Preventing Visual Loss in Diabetic Patients
By Laura Suarez, Managing Editor

Pegaptanib May Improve Diabetic Retinopathy
By Laura Suarez, Managing Editor

Move Over Digital Imaging, Make Room for an Administration System
By Laura Suarez, Managing Editor


In Blacks With Hypertensive Kidney Disease:
Ramipril Reduced Diabetes Risk
By Conni Bergmann Koury, Editor-in-Chief

Obesity Triples Chronic Renal Failure Risk
Reviewed by Elisabeth Ejerblad, MD

Simple Lab Tests May Predict 25-Year Risk of ESRD
Reviewed by Areef Ishani, MD

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