Final Issue of DMCToday, New Journal to Launch

In this the final issue of Diabetic Microvascular Complications Today, I want to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the contributions and the time of the outstanding editorial board. The input and direction of this group of individuals has enabled the publication to become successful and well-respected over the past 3 years.

I would like to recognize in particular, chief medical Richard M. Bergenstal, MD, and associate medical editor Aaron I. Vinik, MD, PhD. Without their kind words of encouragement and amazing experience in the field of diabetes, the high quality of this publication would not have been possible. And of course, the staff at Bryn Mawr Communications has been most fortunate to work with a dedicated and talented team from Eli Lilly and Company, the supporters of Diabetic Microvascular Complications Today. Lilly’s commitment to the field of diabetes research is to be commended.

It has been an honor to meet so many of you at scientific sessions around the country and hear your comments and feedback. I hope that some of you will continue to remain dedicated readers as we continue our journey and relaunch the publication in the spring of 2007, as Review of Endocrinology: Examining the issues, treatments, and emerging trends in diabetes & endocrine disorders.

While Review of Endocrinology will focus on the etiology of diabetes, diabetes therapy and diabetic micro- and macrovascular complications, it will also look at the entire spectrum of endocrine disorders. The articles will be written in a peer-to-peer format, offering clinical news and practical information that you can use in your office, treating your patients every day. The new title will launch in May with 6 issues in 2007; in 2008, Review of Endocrinology will be published every month.

The journal will be highly sectionalized, enabling you to turn right to the articles of most interest to you and also to find other topics that will add to your overall knowledge of the field as well as your practice capabilities. The topic sections will include: Etiology of Diabetes; Diabetic Micro- and Macrovascular Complications; Patient Education and Diabetes Self-management; Health Care Policy, Practice and Socioeconomics; Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension; Nutrition and Fitness; HPT, Osteoporosis and Calcium Disorders; Pituitary, Gonad and Adrenal Conditions; Thyroid Disorders; Pediatric Endocrinology; and Women’s Endocrinology. The editorial board will represent all subspecialties and areas of interest within diabetes and endocrine disorders — to keep the editorial focus on the right track.

In addition to an in-depth special cover focus for each issue, every issue will also include familiar departments such as the Editor’s Page, News and Industry briefs, Meetings and Courses, Products and Innovations, and our signature 5 Question feature.

As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions, and certainly, your loyalty. Please visit www.reviewofendo/subscribe to sign up for your free subscription. The publisher of Review of Endocrinology, Alan Guralnick, and I look forward to meeting more of you at future medical meetings.
For a downloadable pdf of this article, including Tables and Figures, click here.